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Unlock the Value of Amazon Connect with a Rapid Proof of Concept


Amazon Connect by Arystech (POC) delivers a scalable and flexible cloud-based CCaaS solution for small to medium businesses, enabling the rapid delivery of a voice contact center to enhance customer engagement and simplify agent experience.

Amazon Connect is billed as a self-service solution, but it’s still important that it is designed to AWS best practices. Arystech is here to make that happen. With thorough experience implementing Amazon Connect, we understand potential setbacks and know how to deploy Amazon Connect to provide stronger stability and value.

The Arsytech 7-Step Process


Initial Discovery Meeting

To start, Arystech will review the existing system and its challenges (if migrating from the existing solution). We will define one highly relevant use case and establish clear success criteria for the POC.


POC Planning and Validation

Next, we will document the chosen use cases and criteria for success all while collaborating with our client for validation.


Set Up AWS Infrastructure

After we have identified the task and established goals, we will create an AWS account. We will set up necessary service infrastructure for Amazon Connect.


Build Solution

We know every business is unique, which is why we build customized solutions based on the identified use cases.


POC Kickoff

To prepare for kickoff, we will thoroughly outline objectives and expectations while ensuring the designed use cases meet the predefined requirements. We’ll be there every step of the way, assisting our client while testing the deployed POC solution.


Ongoing Evaluation

The work doesn’t stop after kickoff! We will conduct weekly status meetings and continuously assess the POC against our success criteria. If needed, we will implement modifications to stay on track for success.


Final Review Meeting

At the conclusion of the POC, we will meet to discuss outcomes and potential next steps for continued success.


Why Choose Our
Amazon Connect POC?

Tailored Use Cases

We will identify a customer use case relevant to your business to ensure an effective, custom experience.

Hands-On Demonstration

Our guided deployment and testing showcases how Amazon Connect elevates your customer interactions.

Customized Pilot Deployment

We deploy a pilot that meets the criteria, ensuring a solution that truly benefits your organization.

Complimentary Professional Services

Benefit from a week of free professional services. Our experts set up your POC to guarantee everything is up and running smoothly.

the Benefits

Reduce Costs 

Save up to 80 percent compared to traditional contact center solutions with no minimum fees, long-term commitments, or upfront license charges.

Enhance Experiences

Enhance omnichannel personalized and dynamic experiences with simplified contact flows and natural language understanding powered by Amazon Lex AI.

Deploy Fast 

Deliver a modernized and full-featured contact center in weeks not months with hands-on support from certified AWS experts.

Simplify Operations

Simplify your contact center while growing dynamically without the need for additional hardware.

The Setup

  • Enjoy up to 5 toll numbers
  • Create an efficient inbound and outbound flow
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) with DTMF or natural language options
  • IVR & prompts configured in English
  • System setup for 5 agents and 2 supervisors
  • Training for users and supervisors so the team can effectively use the system
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