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Cloud strategy is the core component of digital transformation. Cloud enables businesses to be agile to innovate and deliver products faster to the market. In addition, the cloud allows companies to be resilient without spending significant capital on the infrastructure.  

Cloud Strategy

We identify your cloud needs and keep your objectives in mind while building the best-suited cloud strategy for your business. Our cloud consultants and strategists review your existing infrastructure and business objectives to translate them into a cloud strategy aligned with your business. We create detailed road maps that articulate the potential benefits, actual cost of ownership, and return on investment. 
• Cloud Readiness Assessment
• Cloud Migration Strategy
• Infrastructure Modernization

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Cloud Migration

We help clients migrate their on-premises infrastructure and applications to the cloud efficiently. Our cloud experts ensure cost-effective migration and simplify the process of cloud migration, thus allowing you to optimize the benefits of the cloud. In addition, we plan an effective strategy to minimize the downtime while migrating the applications to the cloud.  
• Cloud Architecture Design
• Migration Planning
• Execution and Adoption

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Cloud Managed Services

Your cloud journey does not end with migration. Our cloud automation tools and processes enable businesses to improve application resiliency and gain actionable insights. In addition, our cloud-certified support engineers are available 24 X 7 to handle any application availability and performance issues.    
• Managed Cloud Support
• Optimization for performance and cost
• Monitoring for availability and resiliency

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Cloud Security

We provide cloud security strategies and implement cloud security solutions across public and hybrid cloud infrastructures.  
• Cloud-native security services
• Compliance 
• Security monitoring and response

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Our DevSecOps approach improves collaboration between the development, security, and operations teams by automating processes and providing continuous feedback using application and performance monitoring tools. Our experts build and deploy CI/CD pipelines, continuous monitoring, assessment, and analysis to identify performance and security gaps early and remediate them promptly.  
• Infrastructure as Code (IaC)
• Build and Deploy Automation
• Shift left on security

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