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Elevate Your SMS Communication with Amazon Pinpoint

Explore Amazon Connect Voicemail Possibilities with Arystech

Elevate your voicemail capabilities with Amazon Connect Voicemail by Arystech. Say goodbye to traditional voicemail challenges with a unified, feature-rich solution tailored for agents and supervisors.

What is Amazon Pinpoint SMS?

Amazon Pinpoint SMS solution provides a seamless and integrated system that brings functionality and reliability into one unified platform. It offers a unified interface, providing a smooth and seamless experience for your business communications.

Key Features

Unified Interface

A centralized system for managing all your SMS communications.

Instant Notifications

Receive alerts on new messages and statuses across multiple channels, including in-app and email.

Contacts Management

Effortlessly manage your contacts, organize them into lists, and target specific groups for your campaigns.

Group Messages

Send messages to predefined groups, ensuring your communication reaches the right audience.

Scheduled Messages

Plan your communication strategy by scheduling messages in advance, ensuring timely delivery.

Data Security

All data resides securely in your AWS account, ensuring complete control and compliance with your data privacy policies.

Custom and Extended Integration

Seamlessly integrate into your existing systems with our custom and extended integration capabilities.

Stand-alone Web Application

Use as an independent web platform for managing your SMS communications.


Host the application in the customer’s AWS account or any Cloud PaaS.

Advantages of Using Arystech's Custom Solution Compared to Third-Party SMS Apps or APIs

Built using Amazon Pinpoint:

Leverage the power and reliability of Amazon’s robust infrastructure.

Data Security:

Your data resides in your AWS account, ensuring you have full control and security.

Tailored Solutions:

Custom-built to meet your business needs, providing more flexibility than third-party apps.


Easily scale your SMS communications as your business grows.


Optimize your costs by using AWS serverless services.

Comprehensive Support:

Access to Arystech's expert support team for seamless integration and ongoing assistance.

Explore Amazon Pinpoint SMS Solutions with Arystech

Seamless and Secure SMS Communication.

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