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Amazon Connect Improves Customer Experience for Beverage Distributor

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The Summary

We know that the contact center is at the core of seamless, omnichannel customer experiences. It’s critical not only to adopt modern infrastructure to empower contact center agents but to have complete visibility into its contact center functions to ensure quality control and consistent customer service. Our client, a leading bottler in the United States, had been operating a traditional contact center for sales and support to on-premises businesses including restaurants, retail stores, and grocery chains. The company has a strong footprint with 10,000 employees and $3B in annual revenue. The contact center operations service English and Spanish-speaking customers and handle about 3 million calls a year.

The Challenges

The client’s call center operated on a legacy on-premises solution that could not adapt to the dynamic business changes. In addition, the lack of a modern, centralized, and connected solution ecosystem posed several business challenges for the client.

  • Due to the legacy infrastructure, rapid and dynamic system changes were challenging and impacted day-to-day operations.
  • Lack of real-time reporting prevented the stakeholders from having clear visibility into contact center operations and making informed decisions.
  • No option or flexibility for the agents to work remotely.
  • Call recordings were stored locally on the agents’ computers and had a short retention period.
  • The supervisors and quality control team had to sit next to the agent and listen in on the calls using splitter-head phones for quality and training purposes.
  • Business resiliency suffered without a disaster recovery system in place.
  • During a disaster, the agents used cell phones for outbound calls. Inbound calls were routed to a voicemail.
  • The reporting tool required the IT team to install it on the supervisor’s or manager’s computer, adding additional overhead to the operations.

The Arystech Solution

As an AWS Services Partner, our team seamlessly migrated the client’s contact center operations to the Amazon Connect platform, allowing them to immediately realize cost and efficiency benefits with minimal downtime.

Implementing Amazon Connect for the Beverage Company

Cloud and IT experts from Arystech reviewed the existing call center operations to configure Amazon Connect to meet the client’s specific business needs. As research showed 90% of customers preferred to pick up a phone to call for help, improving the voice communication channel was essential for the client’s contact center operations.

Our team extended the capabilities of Amazon Connect by developing a custom Contact Control Panel (CCP) to improve the agent experience.

The client’s call center operated on a legacy on-premises solution that could not adapt to the dynamic business changes. In addition, the lack of a modern, centralized, and connected solution ecosystem posed several business challenges for the client.

  • The solution identified call type and displayed the call history empowering agents with real-time knowledge.
  • Call metrics in the custom CCP channel, like call logs, call count by type, and call durations also helped teams in reporting.
  • Agents were able to create their quick contacts (favorites) to call and forward calls to their frequently called customers - improving response time and optimizing customer service.
  • Smart headset integration allowed agents to answer calls without having to interact on the screen.
  • We also deployed the Voicemail solution for Amazon Connect and built a visual voicemail for the agents to view their voicemails on the CCP. Agents could also view conversation transcripts and flag calls for later review.
  • Agents were enabled to log into Amazon Connect using their enterprise Single-Sign-On (SSO).
  • As the client uses Snowflake as a data warehousing solution and PowerBI for reporting, we utilized Azure Data Factory to build pipelines to move streaming data into Snowflake data warehouse.

The Benefits

With our experts streamlining the contact center migration, the client was able to transition to Amazon Connect and start complete remote operations in just five weeks!

With the flexibility to work from anywhere, contact center agents were able to work remotely during the pandemic. The clear visibility of call logs and metrics via the custom CCP improved the agent experience and increased the content center’s operational efficiency by 25%. In addition, the client saved up to 45% of operating costs by switching to the OpEx model.

Access to real-time and historical metrics helped managers efficiently plan their agent’s workload, improving the average call handling time by 20%. The live listen-in feature enabled supervisors and the quality control team to review and monitor calls, improving employee onboarding and the customer experience. The cumulative result was improved customer outcomes and overall business agility for the beverage company.

Why Amazon Connect?

The client required a cloud contact center platform to improve the customer and agent experiences and meet business demands. The system needed to be a scalable, cloud-based platform that offered improved operational excellence while modernizing the technology.

As an AI-driven omnichannel cloud contact center platform with a successful track record of driving customer service efficiency across thousands of organizations, Amazon Connect offered the ideal solution. With an easy-to-setup model and rapid scalability to match business requirements, the solution can reduce contact center operational costs by up to 80% compared to traditional solutions.

About Arystech

As an AWS Services partner, we are proficient in delivering cloud and enterprise IT solutions, bringing efficiency across complex business environments. With over twenty years in technology consulting and ten years in the cloud, we have developed deep expertise in providing cloud solutions to drive customer value.

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