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SAP BPC Upgrade and Migration To AWS for a Consumer Goods Company

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The Summary

Operating in the cloud offers several advantages over on-premises - extending to SAP workloads. Not only is the shift to the cloud more scalable and secure, it also offers several advantages over on-premises, notably trading capital expenses for operating expenses and increasing speed and agility for making changes.

Our client, a leading consumer goods company in the US, was looking for new approaches to migrate SAP BPC to AWS and improve the performance of their SAP BPC planning and budgeting tool.

The Challenges

The client was experiencing difficulties with in-memory disaggregation that were affecting planning functionalities, notably those connected to input-enabled queries. The workload associated with this system is primarily analytical, with higher workloads requiring more CPU resources for development, quality, and production systems.

During the budget cycle, the client allocates the high-level budget to the lowest level of detail, creating 10 ++ records for every budget record and causing slow performance in the system. They were looking for experts to enable the Planning Application Kit and increase system performance.

The Arystech Solution

Our SAP Basis experts analyzed the issues faced by the client and recommended a twofold approach for the optimal use of the Planning Application Kit and its enhanced, efficient performance. These include:

A) Migration to AWS

B) Upgrading the SAP BPC system and the SAP HANA database, from HANA 1.0 to HANA 2.0 MDC,

We adopted a direct approach for the migration and upgrade of the BPC system, moving to AWS first and subsequently following up with upgrading the BPC systems, minimizing the hardware and maintenance costs.

Key activities included:

  • Seamless lift and shift of BPC systems to the AWS cloud
  • Upgrading the BPC system from BPC 10.1 and BW 7.4 SP 8 to BPC 10.1 and BW 7.5 SP 17
  • Upgrading the database from HANA 1.0 to HANA 2.0 SP4
  • The whole solution implementation was divided into 3 major steps
    1. BPC Development migration to AWS then upgrade
    2. BPC Quality migration to AWS then upgrade
    3. BPC Production migration to AWS then upgrade
  • A complete backup of the system was taken before performing the migration and upgrade to ensure zero data loss

The infographic below demonstrates the step-by-step process and figures involved in the BPC migration and solution upgrades:

The Benefits

After our Basis Team successfully migrated the client to AWS and upgraded BPC and the HANA DB, application and database performance improved to match the client’s needs.

The new SAP HANA Deployment Infrastructure (HDI) and Web IDE allowed the client to take advantage of AWS Cloud Services and the advanced features of the modeling tool. SAP’s Web IDE for SAP HANA provided a comprehensive web-based, end-to-end development experience for creating SAP HANA native applications.

The HANA 1.0 upgrade to 2.0 resolved the in-memory disaggregation issues with Deep HANA integration. The enablement of the Planning Application Kit, together with the migration to AWS and utilization of AWS Direct Connect, lowered latency and provided a secure, private connection, helping improve the overall system performance. Planning function speeds improved 10x from the existing speed rate over the original setup. Backup and recovery capabilities also improved, as a result of moving to the AWS Cloud.

In addition the client engaged with Arystech for 24/7 Managed Services, further reducing their IT involvement and allowing them to devote more attention to the business.

About Arystech

As an AWS Services partner, we are proficient in delivering cloud and enterprise IT solutions, bringing efficiency across complex business environments. With over twenty years in technology consulting and ten years in the cloud, we have developed deep expertise in providing cloud solutions to drive customer value.

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